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Do you travel for work?
Stay with us

Seeking tranquility and comfort while you work? We’ve curated an ideal environment with conditions tailored to enhance your productivity. Our fast and reliable Wi-Fi ensures efficient work from the comfort of your room. A tastefully furnished desk offers ample space for storing your documents and electronics securely. Moreover, we prioritize quality rest, guaranteeing a peaceful night’s sleep in our serene location.

Fast and stable
Wi-Fi connection

An office desk
in the room

Shared multifunctional
coffee machine

A quiet location
ideal for work

Penzión Pri Mlyne

A Tranquil Workspace

Welcome to Penzión pri Mlyne, offering an oasis of peace since 2010 for all business travelers. Our rooms are meticulously designed to meet the discerning needs of businessmen and managers.

Discover cozy accommodations alongside stylish and serene workspaces, ensuring uninterrupted focus on your tasks. Enhance your productivity amidst the tranquility and sophistication of our guest house.

Opportunities within reach


Work-life balance

We’ve crafted a harmonious environment to help you achieve balance between work and leisure. Upon arrival at the guesthouse, park your company car in our private lot hassle-free, eliminating the stress of finding parking. Kickstart your workday with an energizing buffet breakfast, and our fully equipped kitchen offers flexibility to tailor your meals to your liking.

Here, you’ll discover not just a workspace, but also a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Breakfast in the form
of buffet tables

Private bathroom
in each room

Fully equipped
shared kitchen

Secure private


Rooms suitable for work and relaxation

All rooms in our guesthouse have a unique charm and a very comfortable bed. Come and see for yourself.